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Examinations are conducted in accordance with the procedure

Scientific and technological progress depends on metrology in all areas of life. Measures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of measurements are based on the concept of "metrological assurance". It is very important to carry out metrological control and state control audit of metrological services, compliance and implementation of metrological rules and regulations, including compliance with rules and regulations of metrological supply of activities carried out in Turkmenistan. Metrological control and state control inspection are carried out in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan "On Ensuring the Integrity of Measurements" and the Regulation on the General State Service "Turkmenstandartary", as well as "Procedure for Implementation of Metrological Control and State Control Inspection". Metrological control and monitoring includes many areas of life, it is carried out when diagnosing and treating human disease, producing medicines, conducting research, testing measuring instruments and standard samples, and in other situations. State control inspections are carried out on a scheduled basis at least once a year. In cases of violation of the requirements of regulatory laws and regulatory documents in the field of metrology, unscheduled inspections may be conducted in order to identify and eliminate inaccurate measurement results, as well as on the instructions of the heads of the Turkmenstandartari State Service. When conducting metrological control and state control inspections, attention is mainly paid to the following: 1) the correctness of regulatory, constructional, technological documents limiting the requirements for verification-measurement processes, the used measuring instruments and the requirements for the performance of measurements; 2) technological provision of measurements in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents; 3) quality control of the products (works, services) produced in accordance with the requirements of the standards, testing and measuring equipment; 4) supply of measuring instruments during the registration of material values at the reception, the release and registration of raw materials, materials, energy, finished products; 5) correctness of the order of use of measuring devices, compliance with the conditions of their use; 6) the orderliness and condition of measuring instruments and the correctness of performance of measuring operations; 7) compliance with the order of inspection of measuring devices; 8) to comply with the specified period of verification of the requirements for ensuring the permanent dryness of measuring devices; 9) compliance with the order of registration of measuring instruments; 10) implementation of storage conditions of measuring instruments; 11) the organization of the metrological service, its compliance with the requirements of the metrological supply of the production, the existence of an order concerning the employee responsible for the state of the measuring instruments; 12) compliance of metrological service institutions with their regulations; 13) impact of metrological supply during production on lack of quality of products (work, service); 14) implementation of recommendations based on the results of previous studies. The results of the state control audit (including collective audits) are formalized with a report in the appropriate order. Metrological control and state control audits are aimed at protecting the rights of citizens and economic interests of the state. Azat Kuvadov Senior state inspector of metrological state control department of "Turkmenstandartary" state service of Ahal province and Ashgabat city STANDARDS, QUALITY AND SAFETY Journal No. 4, 2021