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State service of Dashoguz Velayat

"Turkmenstandartary" State Service of Dashoguz Velayat
Main Functions:

- carrying out state control over the quality of products (works, services), provision of metrology, protection of labor and underground resources, industrial safety, compliance with the requirements of standards and other normative documents on standardization;

- to control the regular use and protection of underground resources, the implementation of the prescribed order of use of underground resources by all users, the observance of the legislation on standardization, as well as standards (regulations, norms);

- monitoring the safe conduct of mining and mining activities, prevention and elimination of their harmful effects on the population, environment, buildings and structures;

- organizing and carrying out work on certification of products and services;

- participation in the development of regulatory documents on standardization, metrology, product (works, services) certification, protection of underground resources and labor, and industrial safety;

- conducts tests of products and goods, organizes work on mastering advanced test methodologies, conducts tests of radiation safety of products and goods imported from abroad, considers complaints within the limits of its powers.