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Accreditation Department of Turkmen Standards Information Center

Accreditation Department of Turkmen Standards Information Center

Procedure for state accreditation of testing laboratories

Testing laboratories under the main state service "Turkmenstandartary" authorized in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan and testing laboratories of other state agencies can apply for state accreditation.

In order to pass the state accreditation, the following documents must be submitted:

1) application;

2) duly certified copies of the founding documents of the state institution, a copy from the single state list of institutional parties of Turkmenistan, as well as a power of attorney or an order confirming the powers of the candidate's representative.

3) a draft of the Regulation on the implementation of specific tasks for the certification of the testing laboratory;

4) draft document defining the scope of accreditation;

5) relevant images of the type specified by the State Service of Turkmenstandartary containing basic information about the testing laboratory (passport of the testing laboratory);

6) Quality Manual of the testing laboratory;

7) additional documents necessary taking into account the specifics of the activities performed by the testing laboratory.

State accreditation work consists of the following stages:

Phase 1:

- accept the application;

- conducting an analysis of the received documents and giving a preliminary assessment to the testing laboratory;

Phase 2:

- preparation of the order of the Accreditation Agency on the appointment of the inspection work group and on-site inspection of the testing laboratory;

- formalization of the certificate of accreditation;

Phase 3:

- conducting a periodical control audit of an accredited testing laboratory (center).

The price list for the accreditation of the testing laboratory is set by the main state service "Turkmenstandartary" in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan.

In the case of refusal to issue a certificate of accreditation, the payment made shall be applied to the accreditation costs and shall not be refunded.

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