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Main State Service «Turkmenstandartary»

The main functions of the main state service "Turkmenstandartary".

- carrying out state control over the quality of products (works, services), provision of metrology, protection of labor and underground resources, industrial safety, compliance with the requirements of standards and other normative documents on standardization;

- development of state programs on standardization, certification, metrology, protection of labor and underground resources, ensuring industrial safety and conducting a single technical policy in this regard;

- ensuring the development of the system of ensuring the unity of measurements, conducting scientific and technical policy in this regard, as well as coordinating the work of this system with the work of international (regional) and foreign systems;

- creation of the state standardization and metrology system, certification and accreditation of products (works, services), certification bodies and testing laboratories;

- protecting the interests and rights of consumers in terms of industrial safety and product quality;

- to control the regular use and protection of underground resources, the implementation of the prescribed order of use of underground resources by all users, compliance with the legislation on standardization, as well as standards (regulations, norms);

- monitoring the safe conduct of mining and mining activities, prevention and elimination of their harmful effects on the population, environment, buildings and structures;

- to control the registration of the storage of explosive substances and sources of ionizing radiation;

- development of requirements for industrial means, technologies and labor organization in the state management of labor protection, guaranteeing the health of employees and safe working conditions.

"Turkmenstandartary" is the main state

- carries out state control in the field of standardization, certification, metrology, underground resources and labor protection, industrial safety;

- approves regulatory documents on standardization, which are mandatory for institutions, enterprises, organizations and private entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of ownership, and keeps their state records;

- organizes the development of regulatory documents on standardization in the financing of institutions, enterprises, organizations and private entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of ownership;

- introduces advanced innovative technologies in the field of standardization, certification, accreditation, metrology, protection of labor and underground resources, industrial safety, creates a single database of normative-methodological documents in these areas and maintains registers;

- issues licenses to carry out separate types of activities, the list of which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan;

- prepares and approves the price lists for the performed activities and services, including payments to state-owned institutions, enterprises and organizations for the issuance of a certificate of conformity in an amount not exceeding 0.5 percent of the prices of the products to be certified;

- participates in the development of normative legal acts;

- represents Turkmenistan within the limits of its authority in international organizations and relevant state institutions of foreign countries;

- creates expert-audit services on standardization;

- approves other official documents on standardization, metrology, certification and their amendments, conducts work on bringing them into line with international standards, prescribes rules for the use of international and regional standards and standards of other countries;

- develops and approves uniform rules and regulations that determine the organization and order of activities to ensure the required accuracy and uniformity of measurements;

- approves state standards of units of physical quantities and ensures their storage, comparison, and improves the state standard base;

- ensures compliance of state (national) standards and standard measuring instruments with international standards;

- submits recommendations on approval of units of physical sizes to the consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan;

- develops and approves the main rules and norms of certification, its principles and structure;

- prescribes requirements for accreditation of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers); determines the order of attestation and accreditation of certification bodies, test laboratories (centers), the methodology and other norms of attestation of production facilities and certification of products (works, services);

- carries out inspection control of the work of accredited certification bodies, testing laboratories (centers), certified products (works, services), production quality system;

- maintains the state register of conformity marks of certification;

- prescribes rules for recognizing foreign certificates, conformity marks and test results on the quality of products (works, services);

- prescribes necessary requirements for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions on the basis of scientifically based standards, rules and technical regulations;

- determines and approves the list of high-risk and dangerous activities subject to special control and inspection;

- registers facilities related to gas monitoring, pressure steam and water heating boilers, vessels, pipelines for steam and hot water, loading facilities, supervises timely inspection of boilers and loading facilities;

- provides comprehensive control over the extraction and use of mineral resources, exploitation of mines;

- issue and register mining and mining operations for exploitation of useful mineral resources (except common ones);

- agrees on the projects and project instructions for the extraction of useful mineral resources, the construction and reconstruction of enterprises that extract and process them, as well as the cancellation and suspension of operations (conservation) of these enterprises, as well as oil, gas and hydro-mineral wells.