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Important events
News in our standardization system
M. Meredov - National standardization system on the development path G. Durdyeva
- Standardization and TDS
G. Babagulyev - Turkmenistan and ISO
O. Gurbanova, Y. Babaeva - The first three standards of "ISO 9000"
G. Atayeva - Ecological international standard
Sh. Meretamanov - New device - new possibilities
M. Khojamuhammedov - Terminology related to papers N. Rejepov - In
the field of safety
G. Savdarova - Testing of ceramic products for life and beauty purposes
S. Kuliev - Guarantee of success and progress
J. Purjayeva - Development of Internet journalism in Turkmenistan
G. Durdyyeva - Standardization and TDS
P. Rasulov - From the experience of Turkmenistan and foreign countries
M. Yazieva - Standard principles of testing and evaluating students' knowledge A. Nazarova
- Digital education - a wide opportunity
B. Nurgeldiyev - The first measuring device A. Myradova -
Interaction of photoluminescence and electroluminescence of cellular silicon
H. Tachglizhov — Scanword
A. Nazarov — Securities — a modern financial tool
A. Yazmuradova — The role of the digital system in learning English

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