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State Reference Center

Main functions of the State Reference Center

- to achieve the unity and accuracy of measurements, to maintain the state standards and measuring instruments at the appropriate metrological level, to ensure their safekeeping;

- development of modern methods and means of measurements, including recommendations on the introduction of information-measurement sets and systems at the international level;

- participation in the development of normative technical documents on standardization, metrology and product (works, services) certification;

- preparation of recommendations on the issues of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the country and units of measurements allowed for use;

- implementation of control over the unified system of issuing the units of physical sizes from state standards with requirements for all means of measurement;

- implementation of new regulatory documents on state standards.

- carrying out high-precision measurements at the request of legal entities and individuals;

- to carry out metrological analysis of state standards, recommendations and regulatory documents in the field of metrology, including methods of tests, methods of performing measurements;

State benchmark site

Main activities of the State Standard Center

- conducting technical tests and analyses;

- carrying out state control over the work of other institutions that carry out technical tests and analyses;

- carrying out repair work of inspection equipment;

- researches and developments in natural and technical sciences;

- perform repair work on tools and equipment.

According to the Order of Product Certification, approved by No. 1/60, issued by the Head of the State Service of Turkmenstandartary on March 27, 2014

To certify the product (measuring means) brought to Turkmenistan from foreign countries:

14. To conduct certification laboratory tests, a sufficient amount is selected from the product (measurement means), which ensures the possibility of conducting tests in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

The sample selection certificate for laboratory tests is made in three copies, one of which is given to the applicant, the second is sent to the accredited testing laboratory (State benchmark center) for testing together with the product samples, and the third remains in the certification body.

15. Certification tests of selected product samples are conducted in an accredited laboratory. Test results are formalized with a protocol.

In order to perform a comparison test or calibration of measuring instruments, the following must be submitted by the Applicant:

(a) application;

(b) means of measurement;

c) technical document (technical description, instructions for use, passport) of the measuring instrument in necessary cases.

In the event that measuring devices are manufactured in the territory of Turkmenistan, the applicant must submit the following documents along with the application for testing:

(a) Applicant's full name and address;

(b) the name of the means of measurement;

c) full name and address of the manufacturer of the test equipment;

d) information on the purpose and direction of the measures;

e) information on the documents producing the means of measurement;

е) information on the metrological and technical characteristics of the test equipment;

f) information on the availability of software necessary to achieve the results of the measurement activities;

(g) information on benchmarking methodology;

h) report that the measurements have passed the means tests;

(i) Figure of means of measurements.

When the means of measurement are brought from abroad to the territory of Turkmenistan, the following documents must be submitted together with the applicant's application for testing:

(a) manuals for the use of measuring instruments;

b) passports of measuring instruments;

c) comparison methodology (when available).

State tests to confirm the type of measuring instruments (for the purpose of inclusion in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Turkmenistan)

Head of the State Standard Center


Private company "____________________________"
, please conduct the tests for registration of the measuring instruments listed below in the State Register of measuring instruments. (Measurement name, type, measurement range and number).




We guarantee payment.

Principal Name and Surname

To carry out maintenance work on measured assets

Head of the State Standard Center


private company requests you to carry out the following measuring equipment repair works. (Measurement name, type, measurement range and number).




We guarantee payment.

Principal Name and Surname

State benchmark site