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Seydi department

Functions of the Department:

Certification of products (works, services), monitoring of the use and protection of underground resources, management of labor protection, implementation of industrial safety.

Carrying out state control over the quality of products (works, services), protection of labor and underground resources, industrial safety, compliance with the requirements of standards and other normative documents on standardization.

Protecting the interests and rights of consumers in terms of industrial safety and product quality.

To control the planned use and protection of underground resources, the implementation of the prescribed order of use of underground resources by all users, the observance of the legislation on standardization, as well as standards (regulations, rules).

Monitoring of storage of explosive substances and sources of ionizing radiation.

To provide relevant recommendations when developing the requirements for industrial equipment, technologies and labor protection, guaranteeing the health of employees and safe working conditions in the state management of labor protection.

Making proposals for the development of regulatory technical documents on standardization, product (works, services) certification, protection of underground resources and labor, and industrial safety.

To ensure the high efficiency of the production process of the department using advanced innovative technologies.