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Designed for water meter

Today, great progress is being made in our national economy. In the framework of economic development, encouraging results are also achieved in the state service of "Turkmenstandartary" province of Mary. The infrastructure of the service is constantly being strengthened. The installed equipment helps the agency to conduct its work in a timely manner. One such device is the VPU-Energo test device, a product of the Russian state, which is intended for state benchmarking and metrological testing of water meters. The device was installed in our laboratory in February of last year and put into operation in July of the same year after appropriate tests. As we know, water meters were installed in homes in order to improve the quality of services provided to the population and achieve efficient use of water by the population. It is imperative that the water meter be benchmarked and metrologically tested. This advanced device, installed on the basis of the wishes of many consumers, allows to carry out a comparative test of water meters with a diameter of 10, 15, 20, 25, 32 mm by measuring the temperature, pressure, volume and consumption of flowing water with high accuracy. The device has one more feature. It performs a high level of monitoring and testing of metrological characteristics of water meters with pulsed (wave) output. The device performs the test in three time intervals: 120, 360 and 720 seconds. It is used in an autonomous mode by controlling the buttons on its face panel and controlling it according to the reference indicator, as well as by controlling it from a computer with the help of a program. The results of the tests are recorded in the test protocol of the prescribed form and published. The device is very important in improving the quality of service to the public. Meylis ISAYEV, Deputy head of the metrology department of the state service "Turkmenstandartary" of Mary Velayat. STANDARDS, QUALITY AND SAFETY Journal No. 1, 2022