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In Lebap Velayat "Turkmenstandartary" State Service Testing Laboratory, which determines the quality of iron and rubber products, mainly steel such as bolts, screws, studs, nuts, tapes, composite panels, wires, sheets, profiles, fittings, flanges, clamps, along with aluminum products. products; Rubber products such as light truck and truck tires, cuffs, and pressure suction hoses are tested. In accordance with the requirements of the regulatory document TDS-22233-2001, the chemical composition of aluminum profiles is the Italian "G.N.R." It is determined by the METAL LAB PLUS spectrometer of the company. The test is performed three times to obtain accurate and reliable results. The average result is recorded and formalized. The above-mentioned device is also used in the testing of steel products. The device allows to determine the chemical composition of iron solutions. The department also operates the strength testing equipment of the Italian company "MATEST" with a maximum force limit of 200 kN and 600 kN. Devices determine the strength limits of fittings, wires, pipes, and other products by flexing and breaking them. In the German "Testing Service" type device, we determine the statistical imbalance (balance), hermeticity, height, width and diameter of the pneumatic tire. "TEMP-2" type durometer of the Russian Federation is used to check the hardness of pneumatic tires, steel nuts, flanges, and pipes. Farhat ERGASHEV, He is the head of the department for determining the quality of iron and rubber products of the state testing laboratory of "Turkmenstandartary" of Lebap Velayat. STANDARDS, QUALITY AND SAFETY Journal No. 1, 2022