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Quality and outcome

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is pursuing a visionary policy aimed at bringing our country to the ranks of developed countries in social and economic terms. In all spheres of the national economy, large-scale activities are being carried out to equip enterprises with modern technologies, to produce competitive, high-quality, ecologically clean products at the expense of local raw materials, to establish processing production on an innovative basis, and to produce domestic products that substitute goods imported from abroad. . These efforts, which have become one of the main directions of the state policy, have a significant impact on the improvement of production indicators and the quality of manufactured products. The high demand for manufactured products by consumers not only in the country but also abroad is primarily due to their high quality. In this field, the employees of the standardization system of the country have a decent share. Because these achievements show that the employees of the system, which has the lofty goal of achieving the highest level of competitiveness of the goods produced in Turkmenistan and brought from abroad, the quality of the work performed, and the services provided, as well as their safety, and the protection of human health and the environment, are able to organize their work in accordance with the requirements of the times. is a witness. Under the leadership of our friend Serdar, small and medium-sized business enterprises are constantly being established in the country. Broad opportunities to achieve effective development are created with the statesmanlike attitude of the country's leader, who sees the development of the era in the development of private sector. It includes well-known quality and branded products that are placed in international markets by our manufacturers and private entrepreneurs. "Turkmenstandartary" state service of Dashoguz Velayat is also implementing the necessary measures to improve the quality of manufactured products, performed works and services. Here, it should be noted that the unbleached single-ply cotton yarn produced by the cotton spinning factory located in Dashoguz city and Kunye district is certified according to international standards. Thus, these products with a certificate of conformity of the quality system are in great demand not only in the domestic market of the country, but also abroad. The physical infrastructure of the service's metrology department is also constantly being improved. Specialists of the department are guided by the Law of Turkmenistan "On Ensuring the Completion of Measurements" in their audit work. They conduct state and certification tests for measuring instruments used in institutions and hospitals within the territory of the province and issue relevant certificates. This ensures the uniformity of measurement units, the creation of standards, and the protection of the rights of legal and physical parties not to be harmed by incorrect results of measurements within the territory of the establishment. Today, the technical base of the department has been enriched and strengthened due to the modern equipment produced abroad. The automated device "AURS-65" of the Russian Federation operates in the department, and with its help, tests of gas meters are carried out reliably and efficiently in accordance with the specified requirements. In addition, "NEVA-Test 6303" equipment was put into operation in 2020 for testing electricity meters and meters, and "VPU-Energo" equipment for testing drinking water meters. These devices facilitate high-precision operation of electricity meters and efficient use of electricity and drinking water. Employees of the service respond to the opportunities created by the President of the Republic of Turkey and assure that they will continue to work tirelessly so that our people can benefit from high-quality products, works and services. Serdar JUMAGELDIYEV, Head of the state service "Turkmenstandartary" of Dashoguz Velayat. STANDARDS, QUALITY AND SAFETY Journal No. 2, 2022