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Standardization is a guarantee of progress

Stable economic development of the country was formed during the prosperity of the stable state. Its harmonious development is closely related to the introduction of modern, international standards-compliant innovative technologies into production. Due to the fact that product quality meets international requirements with the help of standards, this system serves the development of economic relations between countries and eliminates technical obstacles in trade. Standards ensure the achievement of the highest quality and do not allow the quality of goods, products and services consumed by the population to decrease. It also ensures the safety of human life and health and the protection of the environment. In developing the country's national standardization industry, as well as strengthening product quality control, the experts of the state service "Turkmenstandartary" of Lebap Velayat are responding to the concerns of Arkadag President and adding their worthy contributions to increasing the production of export-oriented and substitute goods in our country. Certification, labor and underground resources protection, state control, metrology departments as well as Kerki and Seydi departments operate in the "Turkmenstandartary" state service of Lebap Velayat. In the testing laboratory, all possibilities have been created to carry out tests in a short period of time, as well as to check the compliance of the product with the requirements of the regulatory documents in force in Turkmenistan. In our province, under the government leadership of our Hero, buildings for social and cultural purposes are continuously being built and put into use. On June 23, 2021, the "Turkmen's White House" building, built in the center of Lebap province, was opened. The building fully meets international standards in all aspects. "Turkmen's White House" embodies the modern requirements of the urban planning of the country and features of national architecture. In our region, the gas compressor station at the "Malay" gas field, Akina - Andhoy railway, Yamamnazar (Turkmenistan) - Akina (Afghanistan) and Serhetabat (Turkmenistan) - Turgundi (Afghanistan) international optical fiber communication system, as well as the railway from Kerki, Turkmenistan to Shibirgan ( (Afghanistan) has been put into operation. In June 2021, the modern Kirkuk International Airport with a capacity of 100 passengers per hour was put into operation. The total area of the terminal is 2221 m2. In August 2021, a gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 432 megawatts was inaugurated in Charjev etrap. The facility was built within the former Lebap State Power Plant. The specialists of our service have a worthy contribution to the large-scale works carried out in such facilities and buildings for the production and living purposes of our province. The main task of our agency is to achieve the high quality of products, works and services necessary for institutions, meeting the requirements of the standard. Welcome Kerimov, Head of state service "Turkmenstandartary" of Lebap Velayat STANDARDS, QUALITY AND SAFETY Journal No. 4, 2021